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Caring for the Tav Community

During these hard times, we wish you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We understand you may have questions about what we are doing to protect our community. Here are the actions we are taking to help protect our customers and technicians.

What Tav Gutters is doing

  • Closely monitoring the situation. We are following updates on COVID-19, including guidance from the CDC as well as local health officials. We will continue to take necessary actions to help protect the community.

  • Helping with prevention. We have provided all our technicians with bottles of hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies. Our technicians are required to clean and disinfect the vehicles and equipment on a regular basis.

  • Protecting our customers. Our technicians are following the social distancing rules. We are encouraging our customers to make payments online when possible.

What we are doing for you

We understand you still need to take care of your home to avoid it from falling apart. This is why we are helping by offering our services at a discounted price. 

What is Soft Wash?
Soft Wash home cleaning is the process of using Sodium Hypochlorite to clean and sanitize home exterior surfaces including your roof, 100% pressure-free, thus maintaining the structure of your home intact. 

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